Thursday, 12 October 2017

Hi Everybody,

That moment has arrived.

My Warlock Trilogy is complete.

The Caithness Covenant, the final part, has landed.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Hi everybody,

The Vengeance of Wick is almost finished. I am about to start the last chapter. My original target was to get the book finished for Easter. Which is about 2 weeks away. So, not bad going, at all.

Absolutely fell in love with 'Outlining' your story first, it makes it far easier to write more, especially if you have to juggle other jobs as well.

Will let you all know when it's finished and ready for a release date.

All the best


Monday, 27 February 2017

The Vengeance Of Wick Update.....

Hi to everybody,

There has been a lot of readers this week, asking me how my first ever sequel is progressing. The answer is a quick one. I have reached a 22,680 word count. Which, since I started writing it on Jan 9th, this year, I didn't think was too bad. It means I an on target for finishing it by Easter

The next answer I was looking for was, 'How long was it likely to be'. You can guess as much as you like, but until you start writing, there's nothing to go on.

Now, I happen to think I am roughly at the halfway stage, which leads to a further query. The first part to this trilogy is a Novella. The part 2, looks like it may go over the 40,000 words, the limit for a Novella. It then becomes a short Novel.

Funnily enough, it's my third outing using the 'Outlining' method of planning a book. I have become a firm fan of the 'Outline'.

Take an idea and work it out, right to the conclusion, What's going to happen, when, where and how. Brainstorm it with a special friend. Thrash it out until it makes.

Once your outline is ready, you have to remember it's a guide. Once you start writing and expanding the outline, it comes alive. The writing becomes easier. Your output increases on a daily basis. The layout of the chapters can alter. You can add things in without fear of losing the plot and getting stumped.

However, I am doing a presentation next week, with my local Caithness Writers, which includes a section on blogging, So, as of now, I am going to try and put up an item on this blog, every week.

The next one will be expanding my thoughts on creating an Outline for your next book.

See you next time.


Monday, 30 January 2017

Hi again,

THE VENGENCE OF WICK is coming along nicely, halfway through chapter 7. I have Doug & Will already knee deep in problems.

However, if you are a writer, reading this, I have a question for you:
Are you a seat of the pants writer or are you a planner?

Both sides have great positive aspects going for them but when you look at some of the greats, like James Patterson and J K Rowling, they plan their books. They create an in depth outline of the entire story. They then start writing and the story easily flows from fingers to keyboard. There is still room for creative juices to wander from the path, but it makes the process of getting the words onto the paper a little easier.

Two books ago I decided to try this method, the first being THE EMPTY HOUSE.
2 things happened:

1. The story was written quicker. My daily output increased alarmingly.
2. The book was well received.

Was it a fluke though?

So I tried it again with THE WRATH OF WICK. The results were quite amazing. Now, I am a converted planner, with the next two books planned.

I ask again, out of curiosity :  Are you a seat of the pants writer or are you a planner?

Perhaps you could share your views on this.

Until the next time, keep on writing.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Welcome to 2017.

Firstly, note I started this blog early in 2016, and then got so busy I didn't add to it. this year is going to be different. My aim is to put something up here once a week.

Secondly, life is about fun and enjoying creative writing, whatever genre you prefer. However, never be afraid of dipping your toes into another genre. It can stretch your writing skills and perhaps you may discover a whole new you.

My latest book, The Wrath of Wick, launched just before Christmas has been getting great comments and sales are going well.

The first one out this year will be a collection of short stories entitled, DESCENDING STARS.

The next one will be, THE VENGEANCE OF WICK, my first ever sequel. I have my outline crafted and I have started chapter one.

Remember, if you want to write, then write.

Till the next time.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Welcome to my Author Blog.

Hopefully you might join me in my writing journey. Here I will notify of upcoming releases, put up some sample writing and offer some writing tips along the way. I hope to cover basic stuff for those just starting out and some advice for the more experienced writer, who may just find something interesting.

If you ask questions, I will do my level best to give the best advice I can.

If you like or dislike some of the writing samples I put up, just say so. I welcome, just like any other writer, comments and suggestions.

....and remember ....
                                You Only Have Limits If You Set Them Yourself.